208. Flatbranch Pub & Brewing – Cherry Brown Draft

We had a great time checking out the ESPN College Gameday set on the quad at Mizzou homecoming, but we stopped at Flatbranch Pub & Brewing for an early lunch before heading over to the homecoming parade.  I had their ESB to start my meal and decided to have another to finish off my meal. I looked up at the board, and unfortunately, there was nothing that qualified for my Oktoberfest Challenge.  So, unfortunately, I’ll have to find a way to make it up for today.  The Cherry Brown appeared to be the most interesting thing up there, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

When it arrived, it looked like a Coke in the glass – dark brown in color, big carbonation bubbles in it, and a thin, quickly-falling head.  The aroma even reminded me of a Cherry-Coke.

It had a light body, but was very carbonated.  When I took a drink, the carbonation hit my palate first, but then I tasted a cherry and chocolate flavor.  That flavor carried into the finish and aftertaste.  The flavors reminded me quite a bit of the artificial flavors of a chocolate cherry soda.  There wasn’t much of a beer flavor to it, mostly sweet artificial type cherry and chocolate flavors.

This would probably go well with dessert, such as a brownie or a small bowl of ice cream.  The cherry and chocolate flavors in the beer were very dessert like, so any dessert that would go well with those flavors would match this beer.

I was really hoping to find an Oktoberfest for my challenge, but unfortunately there wasn’t one at Flatbranch.  I ordered this beer mostly out of curiosity.  It reminded me quite a bit of O’Fallon’s Cherry Chocolate Beer, which I also found too candy-like and artificial tasting for my liking.

My Rating: ★½☆☆☆

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