122. MacTarnahan’s – Amber Ale

I had a great time at the Oregon Brewers’ Festival yesterday, and today I wanted to explore downtown Portland a bit. This morning, I stopped at Voodoo Doughnut – a well known doughnut place, known for it’s eclectic atmosphere and strange donuts that I’ve seen on several shows on the Travel Channel and Food Network (see my picture on the right, and you absolutely must try their maple bacon bar if you ever make it to Portland).  I also took some time this morning and created an update video for my Brewmaster Cusinternship (see the video on the right).  I also stopped by the Apple Store to pick up a case for my iPhone, but that was a failure.  After walking around a bit, I headed south on the riverfront to meet up with a friend and co-worker.  After a brief conference call for work, we headed up the aerial tram for some gorgeous panoramic views of the city (see right).  Then we stopped for some sidewalk lunch at a nearby bakery and she ran up and grabbed this MacTarnahan’s Amber Ale, telling me it was a classic Portland brew.

It was obviously amber in color, and had a thin head on it.  I noticed the head seemed to disappear rather quickly.  It had a bit of a malty aroma with some faint earthy hop smells noticeable.

The body was a bit thicker than I was expecting, which I would classify as medium.  The first tastes I noticed were sweet and malty – a bit caramelly and almost syrupy.  However, in the finish, I did pick up on some floral and piney hop flavors.  It was fairly well balanced.

It would probably pair well with some BBQ with some sweet BBQ sauce.  Overall, it was a good beer, with a little more body and syrupiness than I was expecting.  I was told that this was sort of a staple beer for Portlanders, but I thought the city had many other beers you should try before this one.  However, as it is a Portland staple – like Voodoo Doughnut mentioned above – you should at least try it if you’re in the area.

Author: Kevin

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