99. Full Sail Brewing – Amber Ale Draft

I’ve arrived at my Travel Oregon, Oregon Bounty Cuisinternship, as a Brewmaster intern at Full Sail Brewing in Hood River Oregon.  So far, it has been an incredible day.  I have been working on the brew deck all day helping the brewers.  We’ve been brewing up a few beers today, including the Full Sail Amber.  So, when I finally got a chance to rest, relax, and grab a beer to drink – instead of brew – I went for the beer I was helping to brew today, the Full Sail Amber.  I should note that this is my second Full Sail Amber today.  The first one was at lunch with the Brewmaster, Jaime Emmerson and his wife (and Full Sail founder) Irene.  They were incredibly nice and it is very cool to sit with the brewmaster and brewery founder and get the background, history, thinking, and ingredients that went into this beer.  I was captivataed, and so I waited to do this review until I was able to grab one at the bar at the end of the day.

It was very clear (due to the cool centrifuge filter I saw today), and had a very dark amber/brown color.  The head was thin, with a ring around the top of the glass.  As I drank more, it had some very nice lacing on the glass.  It had a sweet malty, caramelly aroma, which was very nice.

The flavor was malty up front, followed by a very nice hop finish.  It was very drinkable, and had a nice balance between the maltiness and hop bitterness.  It reminded me of some nice English ambers, with a bit more of a clean taste to it.

When I had this at lunch, I had it with the Full Sail burger.  Despite being a mess to try to eat (with the sauce on it), the beer went very well with my meal.  A medium rare burger with a nice amber ale (and the incredible view at the Full Sail Tasting Room and Pub)… I can’t think of a much better scenario.

Author: Kevin

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