93. ABInBev – Shock Top Belgian White Draft

I’m traveling for work, and am finishing up my 17 hour long trip to the Collierville, TN/Memphis area.  While my friends suggested a few good beers available in the area, I was unfortunately, stuck with whatever they had available at the airport restaurant.  The usual suspects were on tap, but I knew I had not yet had Shock Top.

It arrived garnished with a dirty orange, and was a hazy orange-yellow color.  The head was very thin.  Although I removed the orange instantly, it was hard to smell almost anything before drinking it, other than the aroma left by that orange.

It was a very light, crisp beer, which was fairly drinkable.  I noticed a slight bready and orange flavor.  The taste reminded me quite a bit of a budweiser, but with a slight orange flavor.

It would probably be OK with almost any type of food, but I’d suggest something that would compliment the orange flavor, such as sweet and sour, or general’s chicken.  It was not one of my favorites, and it’s not a beer I’d likely reach for again.  It’s not that there was anything bad with it, it just didn’t have much flavor other than that tint of orange, which isn’t a flavor I favor in my beer.

Author: Kevin

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