67. Broadway Brewery – American Pale Ale Draft

Broadway Brewery American Pale Ale APAAs I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m in my old college town of Columbia, Missouri for a fraternity alumni golf tournament.  Our foursome actually tied for first place (supposedly, but I played with 3 lawyers, so if you don’t believe our score, try suing us).  After a looong day on the golf course, drinking a lot of Bud Light and some O’Fallon Wheach (both to be reviewed later), we headed out for the evening.  I had heard there was a new brew pub in Columbia called Broadway Brewery, so that was our first stop of the night.

I ordered the American Pale ale, which was a dark orange color and had a thick, creamy head, with soap-like bubbles.  It had a light citrusy and a bit floral hop aroma.

It had a creamy mouthfeel, but had a fairly light body.  It had a nice head, but there didn’t seem to be much carbonation in the beer, making it very drinkable and smooth.  There was a very slight malt flavor followed by a nice big floral and citrusy hop flavor.  The finish was dry, leaving a nice hop flavor sticking around in my mouth.

Overall, this was a pretty good beer with a good hop flavor and a bit of maltiness.  It was very drinkable, making it a good beer to pair with just about any type of food, including the pizzas, sandwiches, and burgers on the menu.  I hope to get back to Columbia again this fall for a football game and hope to be able to stop by the Broadway Brewery to try a few more of their beers.

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