65. Flatbranch Pub & Brewery – Ed’s IPA Draft

Flatbranch Pub and Brewery Eds IPA India Pale AleIt was great catching up with 3 of my fraternity brothers at Flatbranch Pub & Brewing on the Friday night before our annual golf tournament.  One of the other three is also a homebrewer, so we were trying as many of the craft brews here as we could.  We’ve both discussed that a good judge of a brewpub is how good their IPA is – so that’s what we ordered, Ed’s IPA.

It was clear and amber in color with a very thin head on it.  It had a nice grassy hop aroma, with a bit of maltiness and citrusy hops in the background.  It had a very light body and was lightly carbonated, making it crisp and refreshing.

When I first drank it, I did notice the malty flavors, but the grassy and citrusy hop flavor took over.  The finish was a nice dry hop finish, and in the aftertaste it had a little bit of a fruitiness to it.

Overall, it wasn’t bad, I think the hop flavor could have been a little bit stronger and the body a little bit fuller since it is an IPA.  I could definately enjoy this with one of their Flatbranch burgers covered in chokes and cheese.

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Author: kkozlen

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