Brewing Up Chicago Brewseum Exhibit

A few weeks ago, my wife and I hopped on the train up to Chicago for her sorority reunion, and I was more excited than she was. One of her sorority sisters, Liz Garibay, is a founder of the Chicago Brewseum, and the group was meeting at the Field Museum to support her and get a tour of her newest exhibit – Brewing Up Chicago: How Beer Transformed the City.

We took the train up and had a nice brunch before heading over to the museum. As it turns out, Illinois residents get free admission to the Field Museum in February. We checked out several of the exhibits, including SUE, the museum’s famous t-rex, as well as several animal-related displays. Then we met up with everyone and Liz talked us through the Brewseum’s exhibit.

I shot the video below of her talking us through it, so you could also get a quick video tour of the exhibit. If you’re in Chicago, stop by and check out the exhibit at the Field Museum, and check the Brewseum’s website, since they’re always hosting great beer events around the city.

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Author: kkozlen

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