912. Bend Brewing – Tropic Pines Juicy IPA

912. Bend Brewing - Tropic Pines Juicy IPAWe’ve had an incredible few days here in Oregon thanks to my friend @Bettywriter. I can’t thank her enough. After a day exploring Portland – hitting the rose garden, lunch at Por Que No?, beers at Stormbreaker and Ecliptic, exploring the Hawthorne neighborhood, and then McMenamin’s Kennedy School – we headed back to the condo to get ready to head home tomorrow. So while we’re cleaning up and packing up, I took a pause and grabbed the last of this four pack I bought our first full day here.

Location: Poured into a pint glass at my friend @Bettywriter‘s condo in Portland, OR.

Numbers: 6.5% ABV, 65 IBUs, % OG, ~200 Calories

Appearance & Aroma: It’s a very bright golden color with a big, soapy-texurtured, bright white head on it that had some pretty good retention and lacing. It’s pretty clear with a good amount of carbonation in it. The aroma is a mix of tropical fruits and dank hops.

Taste & Feel: The body is medium, and the mouthfeel is somewhat creamy from the head, lightly crisp from the carbonation, and lightly oily from the hops. The flavor up front is juicy hoppiness with some citrusy and piney resinousness from the hops. In the middle, a citrusy bitterness comes in to join the juicy hoppiness. Both are present in the finish, but it’s the hop flavors and juiciness that edge out the bitterness by a little bit. The aftertaste is citrusy and piney hop bitterness and flavor.

Food Pairing: With the juicy hoppiness of this beer, I think I’d pair it with a lighter meat, like chicken or pork chops. It might pair quite nicely with some pork chops that have a sweet BBQ and pineapple glaze.

Overall Impression: Since it was about 95 degrees for most of our Portland visit, this was a great topical, hoppy beer to sit out on the patio and watch the boats drive up and down the Willamette River. It was quite drinkable and somewhat refreshing, yet still very flavorful with all the hop flavors and bitterness. I really enjoyed this beer for sitting out on the patio on these hot evenings, and since it’s in the can, it would make for a great beach beer as well.

My Rating: ★★★★☆

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