Deelat Motorized Ball Valves

One of the benefits of this blog is that I get to find out about some great products related to the beer industry. I was offered some Deelat motorized ball valves to try out. Fortunately, I’m helping a friend work on his new brewery, and these ball valves were offered at just the right time.

My friend was impressed by the quality of the valves and loves that he can manually move the valve when things are powered down. One of the valves sent was was DC and the other was AC. We only had a 24 volt AC power supply so we weren’t able to test the DC actuator, but both valves are excellent and worked great!

For now, he’s installed and is planning to use the three-way valve for a CIP system, and evalutually he’ll use the two-way valve (with the DC actuator) for transfering the wort. We took a look at the Deelat website, and the valves are a great value. My friend – who is hoping to open his brewery before the end fo the year is already planning to buy more of their valves when he’s ready to automate his entire brewhouse!

Thanks again to Deelat for sending the valves and letting us try them out!

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Author: kkozlen

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