606. Jekyll Brewing – Hop Dang Diggity Southern IPA

606. Jekyll Brewing - Hop Dang Diggity Southern IPA

As I mentioned in my last post, we’re on our way to Walt Disney World and drove from central IL to Atlanta today. We’re staying with my friend Joe and his family. Like a great host, Joe stocked up on beer for our visit (as well as donuts for the morning). He’s told me about The Beer Growler in Georgia, where you can pick up growlers of a ton of different beers to bring home. He cracked open this local beer from Jekyll Brewing in Alpharetta, GA.

Location: Poured into a Mizzou pint glass from the growler at my friend Joe’s home in Atlanta, GA.

Numbers: 6.7% ABV, 74 IBUs, 8.1 SRM, 16.o Plato OG, ~ 200 Calories

Appearance & Aroma: It’s dark amber-orange in color and somewhat hazy. There was a huge, fluffy, white head on it when I first poured it, which fell somewhat slowly and left a good amount of lacing on the glass. It had a big piney, citrusy, and slightly grassy hop aroma to it.

Taste & Feel: The body was medium, and the mouthfeel had a bit of carbonation and hop crispness.  The flavor up front was sweet, with a mix of caramel and honey with some citrus in the background. The piney hop flavors kicked in during the middle, accompanied by citrusy hop flavors, and grew into a fair amount of bitterness in the finish. The aftertaste was mostly pine and citrus hop flavor and bitterness with some residual malt sweetness.

Food Pairing: This is a fairly hoppy beer with mostly pine and citrus hop flavor and bitterness.  I like to pair this beer with a hearty meal, such as a thick, juicy burger to cut down the hoppiness a bit, but add some pepperjack cheese to contrast with it.

Overall Impression: I was really impressed with the appearance and aroma when I first poured this beer. It had a nice malty backbone and a mix of hop flavors. While it was somewhat complex, I felt like the hop flavors were a bit mixed and could have been a bit cleaner. Overall, it was still a little better-than-average beer, and I’d like a chance to try a few more beers from this Atlanta area microbrewery.

My Rating: ★★★☆☆

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