600. Bell’s Brewery – Best Brown Ale

600. Bell's Brewery - Best Brown Ale Today was a very long day at work, and I really needed to relax this evening. We had some Chinese food for dinner, and it was a cool evening. So after dinner, I opened the windows, sat down at the table and cracked open this beer. I just really wanted to sit down and relax, and this beer sounded good. So, somewhat unceremoniously, I enjoyed this one as my 600th beer. It’s been in the beer fridge for about a year, and is marked Batch 11460, Packaged 9/13/2012.

The bottle says, “Enjoy this smooth brown ale while autumn takes us on a colorful tour into winter. Thankfully, Best Brown ale’s toasty malt character makes it a delicious beer for all types of weather.

Location: Poured into a slightly curved pint glass at my home in Bloomington, IL.

Numbers: 5.8% ABV, 1.06 OG, ~ 180 Calories

Appearance & Aroma: It’s a dark, brick red color that’s pretty clear, with a little bit of sediment in the bottom of the bottle. The head was a quarter inch thick, creamy, and off-white. The aroma was a nice mix of caramel and nuttiness.

Taste & Feel: The body is light, and the mouthfeel is slightly creamy and smooth. The flavor up front has some sweet caramel and is lightly nutty. The nuttiness grows significantly in the middle, and becomes a bit toasty, with some caramel in background. There’s also a toasty-earthy bitterness in the finish, and the caramel nuttiness lasts for a bit in the aftertaste.

Food Pairing: With the caramel and nutty flavors, it easily makes BBQ a great pairing. A less obvious pairing might be a schnitzel or tenderloin with a mushroom and gravy sauce.

Overall Impression: From the light, creamy and smooth mouthfeel, to the caramel and toasty-nutty flavors, I really enjoyed this beer. The flavors were flavorful, and changed slightly throughout each drink. I enjoyed the fact that it was light and very drinkable, and yet very flavorful at the same time. Overall, I thought this was a very good beer that I might share with macro-beer lovers to show them what a craft brew can offer.

My Rating: ★★★★☆

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