A Recount Confirms a Mistake!!!

As I approach the halfway mark on my journey to 1000 beers, I started to reflect upon all the beers I’ve had.  I went back through and read many of my reviews, proud of the fact that I think I’ve gotten better over the last couple years.  Early on, I marked whether a particular beer I had was a draft beer, feeling that perhaps it was important to note this, as it seemed to have a good amount of impact on things like head and head retention.  However, as I started adding the serving and drinking conditions to my posts, I stopped posting whether or not it was a draft beer in the title.  That’s partially where I realized I made a mistake.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll remember when I did an “Oktoberfest Challenge” in 2010.  My attempt was to drink a different seasonal beer (Oktoberfest Marzen or pumpkin beer) every day during the month of October.  When I started going back and looking at that, I noticed a duplicate!  Somehow, I had counted Schlafly’s Oktoberfest twice!  I don’t know if it was because I spelled one Oktoberfest and the other Octoberfest, or because one was on draft at the brewery and the other was in the bottle.  Either way, it’s the same beer, and therefore, I must correct the situation immediately!  Rather than go back, and correct the number of all of the beers – and correct the fact that a symbolic beer, like #420 being SweetWater 420 – I’ll start now by duplicating the next number in line.

Keep watching the blog, as I’m planning to have a bit of a virtual party for the halfway mark!

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  1. Please tell me that the next beer with the duplicate number will in same way reference hanging chads, perhaps a beer from the African nation of Chad like Chari or Gala?

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    • My trip to Seattle was a big one, and it took me a bit to get caught up on all the reviews… So, I’ve already had the next beer. However, it was one I enjoyed on a symbolic date (that I think you might recognize). I’ve also already had the next one, #499 too. I’ve been saving up to do #500 until I’m caught up. Keep watching, as I’m going to have a virtual party on the site for the big halfway mark.

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  2. Love me some Edmund Fitzgerald. Had some at the actual Great Lakes Brewery on the anniversary. Read a great, comprehensive book about the sinking of the Fitz this past summer.

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