438. Two Brothers Brewing – Outlaw India Pale Ale

Two Brothers Brewing - Outlaw India Pale AleWe’re out on the golf course for my fraternity’s annual golf tournament.  My friend Joe had several craft beers in cans we were able to sneak onto the course (what an “outlaw”).  I started out with a couple of these cans and grabbed this quick picture on the back of our cart.  Joe gave me a couple cans to take home, so I was able to pour one in a glass and write down better, more thorough notes a couple of days later.

The can says, “As bold as the name suggests but as friendly as the masked man, comes our first adventure into the world of cans.  This IPA is full of citrus and pine hop character and aroma.  The hop flavors play off the pleasant malt complexity like a good sidekick. Giddy-up.

Location: Enjoyed in the can, on the golf course, at Lake of the Woods golf course in Columbia, MO.

Numbers: 6.3% ABV, 60 IBUs, 195 Calories

Appearance & Aroma: When I poured it into a glass, it was light amber in color and it was pretty clear.  It had a decent sized, cream-colored, head, which left some nice lacing on the glass.  The aroma was balanced, as both a bready-caramel maltiness was present, as well as a nice dose of piney-grassy hops.

Taste & Feel: The body was medium-to-full, and the mouthfeel was creamy with a bit of carbonation and bitterness bite to it.  The flavors up front were briefly bready before the bitterness hits the back of your tongue.  Throughout the middle and finish the hop flavors grow – from an earthy-grassy hop flavor in the middle to a big floral and cirtrus flavor in the finish and aftertaste.  The hop flavors stuck around for quite a long time in the aftertaste with citrusy hop oils sticking to my tongue.

Food Pairing: With the big hop flavors in this beer, I would pair it with something a bit bland, like a pretzel.  The bland food would help to remove some of the hop oils which stick around in the aftertaste.  However, it would also go nicely with something like a bleu cheese burger, as the breadiness would go nicely with the bun, and the bleu cheese and citrusy hop flavors would mix nicely.

Overall Impression: If you are a hop head, you’re really going to like this beer, as it has a very complex mix of hop flavors throughout each sip.  In addition, the hop oils stick to your tongue and last for quite a while in the aftertaste.  It’s definitely a beer I would enjoy sitting around and sipping out the the glass – especially with the nice malty and hoppy aroma it had.  Overall, I enjoyed this beer, especially when I had a chance to pour it in a glass, sit back and enjoy it.  Unfortunately, it was a tough one for me to enjoy in a can out on the golf course when I was looking for something a little more drinkable.  It is a sipper that’s a little big and bold for a hot day on the course.  While this beer is packaged in the can, I recommend pouring into a glass and enjoying it that way.

My Rating: ★★★★☆

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Author: kkozlen

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