362. Capital Brewing – Square Series Weizen Doppelbock

Capital Brewing - Square Series Weizen DopplebockI’ve mentioned that I’m at  the Bruegala beer festival and they have several special release beers available.  These are beers that are tough to find around these parts (Central Illinois) and are part of a limited quantity at the event.  Ever since I was contacted by the Brewmaster at Capital Brewery, Kirby Nelson, last year, I’ve tried more of their beers.  So, when I saw this one was available at the event, I went over to the table immediately when it became available.

Location: Enjoyed a 3oz sample, in a sampling glass, at Bruegala in Bloomington, IL.

Numbers: 8% ABV, ~ 245 Calories

Ingredients: Liberty hops; Bavarian Hefeweiss yeast; wheat and Munich malts

Appearance & Aroma: It was pretty cloudy and had an amber/orange color.  There was a little bit of a head, which fell fairly quickly to a thin ring of bubbles around the edge of the glass.  There was a bit of a banana and fruity aroma, as well as some maltiness.

Taste & Feel:  The body was full, and the mouthfeel was pretty smooth.  There was a sweet malty flavor up front, followed by a solid banana and wheat flavor, with a bit of malt.  It finished with a hint of citrus like hop bitterness and a light carbonation crispness.  The 8% ABV was pretty well hidden, and a bit of alcohol warmth was noticed near the end of my 3 oz sample.

Food Pairing: This beer brings an interesting complexity that would match it well with full, flavorful meals.  I would match this with something like brats and German potato salad, or maybe even some weiner schnitzl.  Maybe it’s near Oktoberfest and I have those types of dishes on my mind.

Overall Impression: At 8%, I was expecting a big beer, and it brought plenty of aroma, flavor, and body.  I was not expecting the somewhat light finish and the well hidden alcohol.  It was pretty drinkable, but delivered a good dose of flavor on top of it.  This is definitely a beer to be enjoyed on a fall evening with a hearty meal.

My Rating: ★★★½☆

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