335. Broadway Brewery – Nut Brown Ale

Broadway Brewery Nut Brown AleAfter a great day yesterday, hitting 4 microbreweries in St. Louis, I’m in Columbia, MO today for a golf tournament.  We’ve already had a long day with a ton of Bud Select on the course, and now we’re out for a few beers at Broadway Brewery.  For my first beer, I had the Broadway Brewery APA, but didn’t realize that I had already done a review of that beer when I was in town for the same golf tournament last year.

Location: On tap at Broadway Brewery in Columbia, MO.

Numbers: ~ 5% ABV, ~ 150 Calories

Appearance & Aroma: The deep brown color was slightly hazy and had a tan creamy head with some soapy looking bubbles in it.  There was noticeably nutty and caramel malty aroma to it, along with a hint of floral hops.

Taste & Feel: It had a smooth, slightly creamy mouthfeel from the head on it, along with a fairly light body.  There was a sweet caramel, almost toffee like flavor up front, followed by a caramel nuttiness in the middle.  Along with the nuttiness came a bit of a biscuity and roasty flavor as well.  The finish was somewhat dry with a slight bit of bitter hoppiness coming through.

Food Pairing: This could easily go nicely with BBQ, as the sweetness and nuttiness would go perfectly with it.  I also think it would go very nicely with a burger, steak, or other beef dish.

Overall Impression: This was truly a “nut” brown ale, as it had a pretty pronounced nutty aroma and flavor to it.  I thought it also had a good, complex malty flavor with caramel, toffee, biscuity, and roasty flavors in it.  These flavors came together in a smooth, very drinkable beer that I would love to have when I make it back to Columbia for a football game this fall.

My Rating: ★★★½☆

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