334. Square One Brewery – IPA India Pale Ale

Square One IPAWe’ve already stopped at Urban Chestnut, Six Row, and The Stable, so our next stop on our mini tour of St. Louis microbreweries was Square One Brewery.  I’ve been here a few times, and there’s something about how these tap handles line up with the arched window that I find artistic.  Oh, and the beer here pretty good too.  However, much like we discovered at Six Row, it seemed that the selection was limited to the basics, as they were holding beers back for the St. Louis Brewers Heritage festival in a week.

Location: On tap at Square One Brewery in St. Louis, MO

Numbers: 6.25% ABV, ~ 172 Calories

Appearance & Aroma: Dark amber in color and slightly cloudy, it had a decent sized, off-white, soapy and creamy head on it.  There was a grassy and citrusy hop aroma with a little bit of caramel maltiness detectable as well.

Taste & Feel: The beer was  medium bodied with a smooth mouthfeel, however, there was a bit of crispness of citrus hoppiness up front.  in the middle, a sweet caramel maltiness came through a little bit before a bigger grassy, resiney, and citrusy hop flavor grew through the finish.  The aftertaste left citrusy and resiney hop flavors in my mouth.

Food Pairing: With this type of hoppy IPA, I enjoy pairing it with a big juicy burger.  It takes a solid meal to match the bold hoppiness of this beer, and the caramel maltiness often complements the juicy burger and bun.

Overall Impression: This IPA had a solid and flavorful maltiness, but it was tough for it to match the big bold citrus and resin hop flavors.  I’ve found a lot of citrus hop flavors lately, but I particularly enjoyed the resiny hop flavors, which added some more complexity to the hop flavor.  While it was hoppy and flavorful, it was also pretty smooth and drinkable.  Overall, I enjoyed this beer and would recommend it if you get a chance to stop by the brewery.

My Rating: ★★★½☆

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