Mom and Brady

My mom with my son

In my last several posts, I talked about being in Austin, TX for a few conferences, including SXSW.  While I was at SXSW, I found out that my mom was having some heart issues again, but they were trying to treat it without surgery.  The last day of SXSW, my dad called and said she was going into surgery and I needed to get home immediately.  I jumped on a plane and was back that night while she was in surgery.  We went through several ups and downs over the next few days, and on Friday, March 18, she passed away.

I miss my mom tremendously for all the little things she did for me, and how supportive she was of the things I did.  Almost every time we visited (or my parents visited us), she would bring articles she had clipped or magazines she had found with stories about beer or homebrewing.  Even though my mom had a beer (maybe) once every 10 years, she was still supportive of my interests in beer, and was even willing to indulge me when I asked her to taste my homebrews.

So, as a favor to me, if you’re willing… next time you grab a pint, raise your glass to my mom.  Thanks.

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