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Pacifico CervezaWe’re finished with the iMedia Brand Summit, and we’ve got a day off before the Social Business Summit, and then SXSW Interactive.  Since it was a great afternoon, my new friend Robert suggested was try out Chuy’s Hula Hut for lunch.  Since I’m a big fan of Mexican food, and I had a craving for a cerveza, I was in.

I nostalgically became a big fan of this beer after my trip to Cabo San Lucas in 1999, where these were literally flowing freely at the place where we were staying.  Since I’d had the other Mexican beers on the Hula Hut’s list, I thought I’d check this one off.

Numbers: 4.5% ABV

Appearance & Aroma: While I didn’t pour this one, I know it’s a clear, pale yellow color with a quickly dissipating bright white head.  There’s a very light slightly bready, pale malt aroma.

Taste & Feel: It’s very light bodied, with a crisp carbonation tingle when you first take a drink.  There’s a light cracker-like malt flavor up front and hint of bitterness on the backend.  Overall, it’s a very light pilsner beer that’s crisp and refreshing.

Food Pairing: Well, I think the obvious pairing would be Mexican food.  The light body and bland flavors help to cleanse the palate after a nice dose of salsa or other spicy food.

Overall Impression: This beer is crisp, clean, and goes down easily.  While it lacks a lot of flavor, it’s great for a nice spring day sitting along a lake or a river enjoying some Mexican food.  However, as I said, I’m a bit biased since this beer hold some nostalgic memories of Cabo San Lucas for me.

My Rating: ★★½☆☆

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