247. MacTarnahan’s – Winter Hum Bug’r Porter

MacTarnahan's Winter Hum Bug'r PorterI bet my friend Betty from Portland on a basketball game – my Mizzou Tigers vs her Oregon Ducks – and won a bottle of local beer.  She graciously mailed me this one (and a bag of Tim’s Jalapeno chips) right before the holidays.  The bottle says, “The limited edition Porter with deep, dark character and rich malt flavor that will unravel your ribbons. 5.3% ABV”  I figured what better time to have a beer named Hum Bug than the night before I have to go back to work.

The beer was black in color, but some dark ruby colors were visible when I held up to the light.  There seems to have plenty of carbonation in it, but there’s no
head on it – just a small ring around the top of the glass.  It smells like coffee and roasted black patent malt.

The body was fairly light, and it was crisp, and very drinkable.  There was a small carbonation bite up front, followed by a nice coffee-like flavor in the middle.  This was followed by a mellow roasty black patent malt flavor and a somewhat dry finish.

Much like a coffee, I think this would pair nicely with holiday spice cakes and desserts.  It would also go well with pralines or chocolate covered peanuts.

I found this to be a light, very easy drinking porter.  The roasty and coffee flavors stood out the most, but they were smooth and not very astringent or bitter at all.  If you’re looking for a smooth iced coffee, this would be a good substitute to help you through the holidays.

My Rating: ★★★☆☆

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