212. Anderson Valley Brewing – Brother David’s Belgian-style Double Ale Draft

It’s time for our monthly ABNormal Homebrewers steering meeting, so we met at Fat Jack’s to discuss the business of our next monthly meeting.  Fat Jack’s normally has one of the better beer selections in town, so I was hoping to get a new Oktoberfest, seasonal, or pumpkin beer for my Oktoberfest Challenge.  Unfortunately, with October being almost over, they didn’t have either, so I went for this one since I knew I hadn’t had it yet.

When it arrived, it was a little bit hazy, deep brown color and it had a thick creamy head.  There were some ruby colored highlights when held up to the light.  The head fell after a few minutes.  There was a rich, caramelly aroma to it, with a little bit of grainy breadiness.

It had a medium body and was smooth with only a hint of carbonation.  It had a nice caramel malty flavor up front, and the same in the finish.  The finish also had the slightest bit of Belgian spiciness to it as well.  The aftertaste was fairly clean with a flavorful maltiness lasting for a little bit.  A little bit of alcohol heat was noticeable after a few drinks.

This would be a great beer to pair with BBQ, as all I could think about were ribs smothered in a nice caramelly, brown sugary sauce.  The malty flavor would add to the nice sweet flavors in the sauce, and the Belgian spiciness would add to the flavor complexity.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one, but I was gladly surprised.  It had a very nice and smooth, rich carmelly flavor, but not to heavy.  The Belgian candi sugar and yeast added a bit of complexity to it, yet it was still very drinkable.  Overall, this was a pretty good beer, which I may have to try again sometime.

My Rating: ★★★½☆

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Author: kkozlen

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