205. Avery Brewing – The Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest

We test drove a minivan this evening and have been stressing about buying it.  At the same time, we’re getting packed up and ready to head to my alma mater, the University of Missouri-Columbia, tomorrow for Homecoming weekend.   So it’s a bit stressful around the house.  This, combined with the fact that one of my friends (who I hope to see this weekend), who is a beer lover… his last name happens to be Kaiser.  So, I decided to crack this one open tonight, enjoy the almost 10% ABV and send him a picture of it as well.  The bottle says it had 1.085 Original Gravity and is 9.73% ABV.

It was a clear, reddish amber color, and there was no head at all.  There was the typical sweet malty aroma, but there was a bit of a cran-apple juice-like fruitiness I smelled as well.

The body was full and it had a very smooth, velvety mouthfeel.  The flavor was a bit fruity up front, followed by a big sweet malty flavor.  However, unlike other Oktoberfest beers, the sweetness wasn’t caramelly, but more like fruit juice.  The sweetness had an obvious alcohol heat in the aftertaste.

This would probably go best with some turkey, dressing, and cranberries during the holidays because of the fruitiness of the flavors. However the alcohol content of this beer, plus the turkey could put you to sleep pretty quickly.

I was not anticipating the fruitiness of this beer, as I was expecting more of a big caramel malty flavor, like a barleywine, from an Imperial Oktoberfest. However, despite it’s high alcohol content, it wasn’t overwhelmingly alcoholic. Overall, I thought it was a decent late fall beer that could help to get you through the holidays.

My Rating: ★★★☆☆

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Author: kkozlen

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