163. Anderson Valley Brewing – Hop Ottin’ IPA Draft

Tonight I’m at Fat Jack’s in downtown Bloomington for a steering meeting for our homebrew club, the ABNormal Brewers.  They’ve got $2 half pints, so it’s a good chance to try some different and interesting beers and get some work done on behalf of the club.

The Anderson Valley IPA was clear and yellow with a very thin head on it.  There was an obvious earthy hop aroma to it with some hints of a bready smell which i think is somewhat characteristic of the Anderson Valley house yeast strain.

It had a light body and was crisp and refreshing to drink.  The hops were present throughout, starting a bit floral and finishing off with a big piney hop bitterness.  Despite all the hop flavor, there was a bit of that bready character from their yeast noticeable as well.

I’m sure this beer would go with almost any pub fare, as it was light and refreshing with a good hop flavor.  The food that comes to my mind with this beer would be a BLT, as I think both light and crisp flavors would go well together.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty good beer – very drinkable with a nice hop flavor.  I have grown to like the bready character that comes from their yeast strain, which seems to be consistent from all of their beers (although I think I like the bready flavor contribution from New Belgium’s house yeast strain better).  If I got the chance to have another one of these, I’d certainly drink this one again.

My Rating: ★★★½☆

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Author: kkozlen

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