156. Mt. Hood Brewing – Cascadian Pale Ale

156. Mt. Hood Brewing - Cascadian Pale AleIt’s my last morning in Portland before I head home, so I took the opportunity to walk around downtown a bit.  Henry’s 12 Street Tavern had been recommended to me, since they have over 100 beers on tap. Named after Henry Weinhard, it’s the original Blitz-Weinhard Brewery, which brewed beer on the site for over 140 years.  The Weinhard Brewery smokestack, an iconic element preserved in the development of Henry’s, is clearly visible from the courtyard and the lounge and kitchen areas now fill what was once the malt storage building.  I stopped in for an early lunch before heading to the airport.  One of the coolest features of the bar was a frozen ring around the bar (seen in the photo here) to keep your drink cold while sitting at the bar.  As it was my last day in Portland, I wanted to make sure I had a local brew, so I had the Mt. Hood Cascadian.

It had a hazy orange color and a thin, bright white head on it.  There was a very nice malty aroma that was almost bready.  There wasn’t much of a hop aroma to it, despite its name.

It had a light body and was very crisp and refreshing, yet smooth with not a whole lot of carbonation in it.  There was a very nice light malty flavor up front which gave way to a light floral hop flavor noticeable in the finish.  The maltiness was not quite bready, but almost wheaty.

It went very nicely with the beer cheese soup and turkey sandwich I had for lunch.  I think it would fit nicely with almost any sandwich, as I think the bready/wheaty flavors in the beer would complement it.

Overall, I thought this was a very nice beer that was well balanced.  Since it carried the name “Cascadian,” I think I was expecting it to fall a little bit more on the hoppy side – and it didn’t.  I think the balance actually fell a bit more to the malty/wheat side.  I would definitely drink this beer again, but there wasn’t anything that stood out about this one.

My Rating: ★★½☆☆

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