154. Bridgeport Brewing – Blue Heron Pale Ale

154. Bridgeport Brewing - Blue Heron Pale Ale

Me Karl Ockert of Bridgeport Brewing and Jamie Emmerson of Full Sail

Me, Karl Ockert, former Brewmaster of Bridgeport Brewing (now Technical Director for the Master Brewers Association of the Americas) and Jamie Emmerson, Brewmaster of Full Sail Brewing

I was having a great time at the Oregon Brewers Festival, but most of the beers were starting to run dry, and of those available, I had tried most.  So I decided to save my last token as a souvenir and grab some dinner as well as another couple beers at one of Portland’s many breweries.  When I went to the Brewers dinner, I got a chance to meet Bridgeport’s brewmaster, Karl Ockert, and, Jamie Emmerson, executive brewmaster at Full Sail, recommended I stop here while in town.  So that’s where I went, and since I already like their Hop Czar Imperial IPA, I thought I’d give their plain old pale ale a chance.

It was extremely clear and had a light copper color.  The head was thick and creamy and left some very nice lacing on the glass.  There was a very nice caramel malt aroma to it as well.

The body was fairly light, but the mouthfeel was somewhat smooth and creamy and light and refreshing at the same time.  The flavors were a light maltiness with a bit of fruitiness in the finish.  That was followed by a very nice, light malty/bready flavor in the aftertaste.  It finished clean and really wet my appetite for my meal.

I can’t think of a beer that would go better with a brick oven pizza with a nice, thick, bready crust.  The light maltiness and bready finish went incredibly well with my pizza from their brew pub, and would probably go well with any pizza with a nice, light, bready crust.

Overall, I thought this was a very, very good beer.  It was light and refreshing, yet it had all the body and flavor I was expecting from a good pale ale.  It went with my meal and would likely go with almost any good pub fare.  If I ever get back into the Portland area (and I’m not looking to add to my 1000 beers list), I’ll definitely have this beer again.  If any of my friends from the Northwest see this post, please send (or bring) some of this beer to me!

My Rating: ★★★★☆

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