153. Dicks Brewing – Dicks Danger Ale

153. Dicks Brewing - Dicks Danger AleWhile enjoying the afternoon under the tent at the Oregon Brewers Festival, I struck up a conversation with a fellow beer lover and discussed beers we had tried and enjoyed there at the festival.  I mentioned that I was looking for something malty, as I think my bitter taste buds have been killed by all these Northwest style IPAs.  He recommended the Dicks Danger Ale (5.2% ABV), so I thought I’d give it a try.

It had a deep brown color and a thin, creamy head.  There was a very caramelly malty aroma and a brown sugar type smell as well.  There were some slight earthy hop aromas as well.

The body was on the lighter side of medium and the mouthfeel was smooth with a little bit of carbonation.  There was a light caramel malty flavor up front, finishing with a sweeter caramel and brown sugar-like finish.  There was a very light bit of an earthy hop bitterness to counter the sweetness, but the malt sweetness overtook it.  The aftertaste was fairly caramelly sweet with hints of roasted/burnt caramel and brown sugar, but not syrupy.

As for a food pairing, I would recommend a somewhat medium seasoned Chinese food dish with sauce such as mushroom chicken, eggrolls, scallops, or crab rangoon.

Since this was recommended to me by another beer guy, I had high expectations.  Overall, I thought it was a decent beer which was fairly good, but it isn’t one I would have raved about.

My Rating: ★★★☆☆

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Author: kkozlen

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