148. Fearless Brewing – Fearless Scottish Ale Draft

I was enjoying the Oregon Brewers Festival and wanted to make sure I could try as many local brews as I could.  I had never heard of Fearless Brewing,  but it said it was from Estacada, OR.

The color was an almost dark amber-red color with a thick, creamy, tan head on it.  There was a nice obvious malty aroma to it that reminded me of caramel.

The body was a bit lighter than I was expecting, but it did have a creamy mouthfeel to it.  It had a smooth malt flavor up front with a bitterness in the finish.  I’m not sure if there was something wrong with my palate, but I was picking up on a metalic-like flavor along with the bitterness.

If I had to pair this with a food, I’d suggest BBQ – perhaps a nice wet pulled pork sandwich or some wet ribs.  The sauce might go well with the caramel maltiness and take a bit of the bitterness away.

Overall, it was a good beer up front, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the finish.  However, I suspect that after several days of beer tastings at the Oregon Brewers Festival, and the flavors of the Hell or High Watermelon Wheat, may have thrown my tastebuds off, as the flavor got seemingly more metallic as I drank it.

My Rating: ★★½☆☆

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Author: kkozlen

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