141. Widmer Brothers – Hefeweizen

I’ve had a couple of great days at the Oregon Brewers Festival, and I thought I’d get out a bit and explore some more of the Portland beer culture.  When I met the Widmer brothers at the brewmasters’ dinner, they suggested I take a tour of their brewery.  The tours are only on the weekend, and require reservations.  So immediately following their recommendation on Wednesday, I made a reservation for the first Saturday tour.  This is the first brewery tour I’ve ever been on that actually started with the beer tasting.  The first beer was the Widmer hefeweizen, the brewery’s signature beer.

It was a golden yellow color and had a bit of a haze.  There was quite a bit of carbonation, but the head was only a soap ring of bubbles around the outside of the glass.  It had a bit of a wheaty/bready aroma to it.

The body was very light, and it was crisp and drinkable.  The light sweet flavors were barely noticeable up front, and there was a bit of breadiness that came through in the finish.  The finish was also very clean, and almost sharp due to the carbonation.

This beer is light enough – both in body and flavor – that it could go with almost any food.  I think it would be ideal for a sandwich with a nice bread on it (I’m thinking Panera) on a hot summer afternoon.  It was very light, crisp, drinkable, and refreshing.  Although it didn’t have as much flavor as I normally enjoy, I think this is a beer that my wife would probably love.

My Rating: ★★★☆☆

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