124. Upright Brewing – Reggae Junkie Gruit Draft

After yesterday, I wanted to make sure I tried beers from Oregon Breweries today (despite starting off with the Alaskan Barleywine).  I had heard of Upright Brewing on an episode of Basic Brewing Video a few months ago, and, similar to the Midwest’s Jolly Pumpkin, they did mostly farmhouse style beers.  I had also never tried a Gruit – a beer brewed with herbs instead of hops.  Given that combination, it was one of my first stops of the day.

The color was pale yellow – almost hay colored –  and it had a bright white head which fell pretty quickly.  It had a complex aroma, with a fruity, musty, wet-hay-like smell with hints of lemon.

It had a very light body, and was crisp on the front end.  The light front end was followed by an almost floral sourness.  However, the finish was very clean, leaving me with a bit of a lemony aftertaste.  It was light, and clean, with just a hint of sourness to it in the middle.

Because of the light nature of this beer, I think it would probably go well with almost any food, but I think it would go very well with shrimp on the grill.  I think the lemony flavors from the beer would complement the shrimp.  Overall, this was a very crisp and refreshing beer, just right for a hot summer day, with just a little bit of interesting flavor in the middle.  I know it’s not likely I’ll be able to get any of Upright Brewing’s beers in Illinois, but if I head back to Portland, I think I might give their other beers a try.

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Author: kkozlen

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