112. Oakshire Brewing – 2010 Collaborative Evil Imperial Porter Draft

I was having an incredible time at the Oregon Brewers Festival Brewmasters’ Dinner, and got to meet some awesome brewers and other folks who were passionate about beer and brewing.  However, I didn’t realize that the dinner was coming to a close and I still had one more beer sample ticket in my pocket.  So, as things were wrapping up I found the nearest Oregon Brewery to grab a beer from – which turned out to be Oakshire Brewing of Eugene.  Their Collaborative Evil Imperial Porter is part of a larger collaboration for 8 breweries to brew the same unique style, yet with different methods or ingredients.  Oakshire’s Imperial Porter includes Black Strap Molasses and dark brown sugar.

It was very black and had a sturdy, creamy dark, tan head on it.  The aroma was somewhat coffee-like with some molasses type smells coming through.

The body was solidly medium to full, giving it an almost chewy mouthfeel.  I instantly tasted the molasses sweetness, with some chocolaty and caramelly notes as well.  The finish was a bit more bitter with some coffee flavors coming through.

It was a very interesting beer, and if I had to recommend a food with it, I would definitely choose some BBQ ribs with some nice thick sauce on it.  You could probably even use this beer to make some good BBQ sauce.  Overall, it was an interesting beer, and while good, I’m not sure I could take more than a couple of these – not necessarily due to alcohol content, but because of the big flavors it had.

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Author: kkozlen

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