89. Avery – Avery Anniversary Lager, Seventeen Dry-Hopped Black Lager

As I mentioned in my last post, things are pretty crazy around here lately. That has had me going to the beer fridge quite a bit, and tonight, I really wanted another really good beer So, I grabbed the Avery Anniversary Black Lager, Seventeen Dry Hopped Black Lager. The bottle says that it is “a dark study in German hops” and that it was bottled in May 2010, had an original gravity of 1.078 and alcohol by volume of 8.69%.

It was very black in color, even when I held it up to the light. It had a very, creamy, thick, tan head on it. The smell was a big grassy hop aroma.

The body was pretty light, but the thick head added a nice creaminess to the mouthfeel. There was a bit of black malt bitterness at first, followed quickly by a nice hop bitterness in the finish. The aftertaste was a nice mix of both bitterness flavors with a hint of some chocolate or coco type flavors.

The light body, with nice bitterness, would lend itself nicely to a pairing with steak I think. Overall, it was a unique beer that had a nice, complex bitterness. I’ve been considering home brewing a black IPA or a heavily hopped Imperial stout, and I think this has convinced me to do it. It’s a limited edition beer brewed for Avery’s 17th anniversary, so get a bottle if you get a chance.

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Author: kkozlen

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