82. Rogue Brewing – Mocha Porter

It’s July 1, and that means it is the beginning of Oregon Craft Beer Month. I know I live over 2,000 miles from Oregon, but I’m joining in on the fun for 9 days later this month when I have my Brewmaster Cuisinternship at Full Sail Brewing in Hood River, Oregon, and attend the Oregon Brewers Festival in Portland. So, in honor of Oregon Craft Beer month, I broke open the only Oregon brew I had in my beer fridge, a Rogue Mocha Porter.

It was dark black with some ruby colors when I held it up to the light. It had a nice thick, creamy, tan head when I first poured it, but that fell to just some small bubbles around the ring of the glass.

The chocolate aroma was fairly noticeable, but I also smelled some toffee-like malt smells, as well as a bit of hops. It had a medium body and the high level of carbonation in it was immediately apparent – as it was a bit hard to taste it with the tingle of carbonation on my tongue.

The first flavors were a bit of a coffee-like bitterness, a bit of an almost metallic flavor, and when combined with the carbonation, it made it a bit sharp. However, the complexity of flavors really came through in the aftertaste.  It had some coffee flavors and some cocoa-like flavors.

If I had to pair it with a food, I’d drink it with some chocolate mousse or something similar that you might enjoy with coffee.  Overall, I was a bit perplexed by this beer.  I really wasn’t a fan of how the beer felt and tasted up front, but I really enjoyed the aftertaste and its complexity.  I hope to perhaps try this beer fresh when I go up to Oregon, and will hopefully get a better take on it.

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Author: kkozlen

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