76. Dark Horse Brewing – Raspberry Ale

At our homebrew club meeting this week, I was in charge of giving the presentation. This month’s topic was fruit beers. So I was responsible for giving a presentation and buying some commercial examples for members to sample. I tried to get a variety that included beers with different types of fruits. The beer I chose with raspberry in it was this one from Dark Horse Brewing in Michigan. I decided to crack it open on this hot and steamy Father’s Day while homebrewing an American Wheat beer in the garage (as you can see my brew keg in the background.

It had a nice head on it when I poured it, but it quickly fell to just a foamy ring around the top of the glass. It has a reddish amber color and was a little hazy. It had a great raspberry aroma that smelled like fresh raspberries.

It had a very light body and carbonation that attacked the tongue when you took a drink. It made it very clean and refreshing to drink. The raspberry flavor was slightly tart up front, but faded to a bit of a bready/yeasty raspberry flavor.

Due to the raspberry flavor, I’m not sure I’d recommend this with any food – just enjoy the nice crisp fruit flavor on a hot day like this.  Overall, it was a pretty good beer, although I think I’ve had better raspberry beers.

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Author: kkozlen

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