75. Sierra Nevada – 2009 Summerfest Lager

I found this Sierra Nevada 2009 Summerfest Lager when I picked up a few different beers (as I mentioned in my Boont Amber Ale review) in a “mix a 6” 6-pack at a local liquor store.  I was a little hesitant, since it would probably be about a year old and likely sat in the store at about 73 degrees that whole time, but I went for it anyway.  The bottle says that it is 5% ABV.

When I poured it in the glass, it had a dark yellow color and was fairly hazy.  It was carbonated, but had no head at all.  It had an aroma that I can only describe as a homebrew-type lager smell (sort of sulfery).

It had a very light body, and was a tiny bit sharp with the carbonation causing a tingly sensation on my tongue.  There wasn’t much flavor at all up front, and all of the taste was in the finish.  The finish tasted like the homebrew lagers I’ve made with that sulfery, lagery, with a hint of orange taste to it.  It also had a mellow hop bitterness to it that was pretty good.

It would probably go with almost any food, as it was pretty light and crisp.  Overall, it might be good on a hot day, as it was crisp and a little refreshing, but the carbonation sharpness on the tongue makes it not nearly as refreshing as it could be.  However, it’s still a decent beer.

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Author: kkozlen

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