66. Flatbranch Pub & Brewery – Irish Red Ale Cask

Flatbranch Pub and Brewery Irish Red Ale CaskThis is my sixth and final review of beers for the same Friday evening.  It was a very long night, but it was great to catch up with my fraternity brothers at Flatbranch Pub and Brewery.  After having their English Pale Ale and the Ed’s IPA, I noticed they were serving one of their beers from the cask, so I asked for whatever it was that was in the cask.  It turned out it was their Irish Red Ale.

Since it was pulled from the cask, it arrived with a nice thick, tan creamy head on it.  It was a somewhat dark red color, but very clear.  The aroma was a bit muted through the head, but I picked up definite maltiness on the light caramel side of things.

It was smooth and creamy, and the body was lighter, but enhanced by the creamyness.  Although it was pulled from the cask, it reminded me a bit of a nitro pushed beer.  It had a very sweet, malty flavor, almost caramelly.  There was almost no hop bitterness noticeable.

Overall it was a decent beer, which was definately improved by serving it from the cask.  It added a creaminess to the big malty sweetness.  I think it would also go well with their Flatbranch burger, but also with some onion rings.  I’d definitely be interested in trying more of their beers from the cask.

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Author: kkozlen

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