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ABInBev Busch beerYes, my Friday night back in my college town of Columbia, MO, was an eventful one.  Yes, this is my third beer review from that evening (and a few more to come).  We moved over from Booches to Coley’s (or as I remember it being called Grill One-Five).  We met up with some older alumni, who pretty much live on Busch… So, when in Rome… I had a Busch bottle.

Since I drank it straight from the bottle, I can’t comment much on the color, although I know it is usually a pale yellow with a foamy head.  It has, to me, a distinct aroma I have a hard time describing as anything but a “Busch smell.”  Having grown up in St. Louis, that would be an acceptable way to describe it.

It is extremely light, crisp, and refreshing.  Having walked down from Booches in the humid, hot, night air, it went down easy.  It does have a little bit of a corny/yeasty hint in the aftertaste, but other than that, there really isn’t much flavor to it.

You could really pair almost any food with it, since it is so light and not very flavorful.  As I mentioned, that’s not always a bad thing.  However, it’s just not something I reach for very often.  Much like I mentioned when I reviewed Budweiser, it’s more about the nostalgia around this beer for me than anything else.

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  1. hmmmm

    blog ‘title’ says 1000 Beers

    what’s MEGABeerCo Bush swill/horse piss got to do w/beer?

    i recommend a ‘strikethrough’ for this review as one of the thousand, it doesn’t qualify anymore than an ‘reviewing’ a piiece of trash fortified wine [say a Wild Irish rose] a a one of a thousand wines.

    what’s next, Colt 45?

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