39. Heineken Brouwerijen – Heineken Premium Lager

Heineken Lager CanI really can’t thank my travel partner Steve enough for all the upgrades to first class. On our last day of travel, I again sat in first class on our flight from Tampa to Chicago. As I mentioned in my review of Budweiser, my choices on the flight were limited, so I thought I’d try Heineken – which I had never tried in the can – since it’s not something I’d probably pay for if I didn’t have to.

I poured it in the glass and it had a nice foamy head which dropped quickly and maintained the ring around the top of the glass you see here. There was’t much aroma to it at all, only a lager smell.  Surprisingly, I didn’t pick up that signature skunky Heineken I often get from the bottle.

The taste was clean, crisp, and a bit bready.  However, when it came to the finish, I was very surprised.  I was expecting the typical skunkiness I’ve gotten used to when drinking a Heineken.  However, the hop skunkiness was extremely muted and was barely noticeable.

To be honest, I’m not sure if I liked the Heineken in a can, or if it was simply the shock of the lack of skunkiness I had grown used to.  I was surprised how much I actually enjoyed it.  As fare as a food pairing, I could see this going very good with a BLT on a hot summer day.  If, and it’s a big if, I ever do get a Heineken again, it’ll definitely be in a can rather than a bottle.

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