8. Diageo – Smithwick’s Irish Ale Draft

Smithwick's Irish Red AleI’m traveling for work right now, so this is the first draft beer I’ve reviewed.  An Irish pub in the  airport is pretty much a no brainer to pick up a beer when traveling.  We hit the Tigin Irish Pub in the Dallas Fort Worth Airport, and along with my Smithwick’s, I had a pretty good steak sandwich.

As you can tell, the Smithwick’s I had was brown in color – even though it said it was a red ale – and it had a thin head with tiny, tight bubbles (providing for some nice latticing on the glass).

It smelled fairly malty and nutty, and that’s exactly how it tasted.  It has a fairly thin body and really reminded me of a good brown ale.  It had a bit of a nutty flavor, especially in the finish.  It wasn’t overly malty, but the hops weren’t very noticeable to me.

It went very well with my steak sandwich, but it was so light, I’m sure it would go well with almost anything.  I’m not sure what the ABV was, but it seems like it would be a good session beer for sitting around and shooting the breeze.

My Rating: ★★★☆☆

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