712. 3 Floyds Brewing Co. – War Mullet Double IPA

712. 3 Floyds Brewing Co. - War Mullet Double IPAWe aren’t able to take a long vacation this year, so we’re taking a long weekend trip up to the Michigan coast. On our way up, we stopped at Three Floyds Brewing to have lunch, since I’d never been there. It turned out that Zombie Dust came out today, so there’s a long line outside for Take Out beers. The kids and my wife weren’t thrilled with the loud punk music, but we sat down for lunch and ordered beers. I started out with a goblet of this one since it had a great name, it’s a double IPA, and it’s #IPADay.

Location: On tap and served in a goblet glass at Three Floyds brewpub in Munster, IN.

Numbers: 8.1% ABV, ~290 Calories

Appearance & Aroma: The color was golden-copper and it was a little hazy. There was a thin soapy-like, white head that fell to a thin ring around the edge of the glass, but left some decent lacing. The aroma was an orange-citrusy bouquet of hops.

Taste & Feel: The body was full, and the mouthfeel was smooth, with a slight bit of hop crispness. The flavors up front were mostly citrusy, with a sweet, hop juice-like flavor. The big citrus flavors turn a bit bitter in the middle, and grow through the finish.  The finish was mostly all citrus bitterness, and was fairly dry. The dry citrus flavor and bitterness lasted for a minute or two in the aftertaste.

Food Pairing: Given all of the citrusy hop flavors and bitterness, I’d pair this beer with a pork chop or pork tenderloin to cut through it a little bit, but let the hop sensations linger.

Overall Impression: This beer had a lot of citrusy hop flavors, giving it very unique flavor. There was a fair amount of orange and grapefruit like citrus flavor and bitterness, and I enjoyed the sweet, hop-juice-like flavor up front. This was definitely a display of hops, and I would have liked a bit of caramel maltiness in the background, but I enjoyed the flavors.  This serving was the perfect size for sipping, and it was a great start to a quick weekend vacation.

My Rating: ★★★★☆

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