566. Great Dane Pub & Brewing – Crop Circle Wheat

566. Great Dane Brewing - Crop Circle Wheat
566. Great Dane Brewing - Crop Circle Wheat

My family and I are headed from Central Illinois to Rochester, MN and Mayo Clinic for my mitral valve repair heart surgery. Around lunchtime we hit Madison, Wisconsin and decided to stop for lunch. Thanks to a recommendation from my friend Fred, we decided to stop at Great Dane Pub & Brewing and enjoy a sampler. With all sorts of tests tomorrow, I have to limit my beer/alcohol intake, so my wife and I split this. I started to do a review of each, but she got a little tired of waiting on me, so I stopped after reviewing this first one. I will say that I enjoyed their barrel aged barleywine, and the beer on nitro, but the others seemed a bit flat and watery.

Location: On tap and served in a 4oz sample glass at Great Dane Pub & Brewing in Madison, Wisconsin.

Numbers: 5.35% ABV, ~ 160 Calories

Appearance & Aroma: It was served with a lemon slice, which I immediately removed. It was a very hazy pale yellow-gold color with only a ring of bubbles around the edge of the glass.  The aroma was lemony (I suspect from the lemon on the glass) and wheat-bready and yeasty.

Taste & Feel: The body was light and the mouthfeel was mostly watery with some light carbonation. The flavor up front is lightly sweet and citrusy, which transitions to some breadiness and yeastiness in the middle. The finish was somewhat dry and had a mix of lemony-citrus and breadiness. The same flavors lasted for a brief time in the aftertaste.

Food Pairing: At Great Dane,  I had a bison burger, which was excellent and went nicely with all of the beers I had. This beer would be nice with light salads, as the bready and citrusy flavors would mix nicely with the lightness of the salad.

Overall Impression: Because this beer had a slice of lemon attached to it, I’m not sure if the citrusy aroma and flavors was from the lemon wedge or the beer ingredients. It was light, and very drinkable with a mix of citrusy sweetness and bready-yeastiness. Overall, it was a light, refreshing mix of flavors, but it could have used a bit more creamy carbonation. As I mentioned above, all of their beers could have used a bit more carbonation, except the nitro one and the barleywine. Those two beers were very good, but the others were slightly above average. I’d definitely try it again if I’m in Madison.

My Rating: ★★★☆☆

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