371. Rahr & Sons – Buffalo Butt Amber Lager

Rahr & Sons - Buffalo Butt AmberAs I’ve mentioned in my last couple of posts, I’ve been in Boulder, Colorado for work this week.  Today, I’m traveling from Colorado to Birmingham, Alabama, through Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.  We stopped at the Blue Mesa grill in Terminal D for lunch and I decided to get this beer since I hadn’t heard of it before, and it had an interesting name.

Location: Enjoyed a 16oz plastic cup, at Blue Mesa Grill in the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, Terminal D.

Numbers: 4.5% ABV, 25 IBUs, ~ 135 Calories

Ingredients: Malts: 2 Row, Melanoidin, Cara Munich, Carafa Special II; Hops: Magnum, Strisselspalt

Appearance & Aroma: It had a bit of a chill haze and a dark amber-brown color.  There was a very thin layer of creamy white bubbles cover the surface of the beer, and there was almost no lacing (but it is a plastic cup).  There was a very light caramel malty aroma.

Taste & Feel: The body was light-medium and the mouthfeel was smooth with a bit of crispness.  There was a very light sweet caramel maltiness up front, which continued through the middle.  There was a slight bit of crisp hoppiness in the clean finish, with only a hint of maltiness lingering in the aftertaste.

Food Pairing: This went nicely with my spicy burrito, as the light sweetness and crispness from the beer helped combat the spiciness.  However, this would also go well with heartier meals, such as a burger or even a steak, adding a bit light flavor and a crisp palate cleanser to a flavorful meal.

Overall Impression: I hadn’t heard of this beer or brewery before, and appreciated being able to find something new and local in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport.  When I researched this beer online, I discovered that it’s an amber lager, which explains the lighter body and flavors.  I found this to be very drinkable, and the crisp, light caramel flavors added a bit to it.  Being in Texas, I couldn’t help but compare this to Shiner Bock, as I found it to be fairly similar with a bit more flavor.

My Rating: ★★½☆☆

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