344. Charleville Vineyard & Microbrewery – German Chocolate Cake

Charleville Vineyard and Microbrewery German Chocolate CakeAs I mentioned in my last post on Charleville’s Box of Chocolate, my wife and I are out in St. Louis with my friend Joe and his wife. After dinner, we went to Bailey’s Chocolate Bar in Lafayette Square for desserts and drinks.  After having the Box of Chocolate, and ordering a chocolate dessert, I thought I’d go ahead and give this unique beer, also from Charleville, a shot.

Location: On tap at Bailey’s Chocolate Bar in St. Louis, MO.

Appearance & Aroma: The lighting was low, but it looked to be a deep, dark, brown/black color with a thin brown, creamy head on it with some soapy bubbles.  There was a chocolate and cocoa aroma with a little bit of German chocolate-like spiciness.

Taste & Feel: The body was medium and smooth, with a little bit of carbonation bite up front.  There was a milk chocolate and cocoa flavor up front, followed by a bit of German chocolate cake-like spiciness – including some vanilla and light coconut flavors.  In the finish, the flavor was dead on German chocolate cake with a slight dryness.

Food Pairing: Well, what would go better with this than German chocolate cake.  I think it might also go nicely with some coffee cake as well.

Overall Impression: After having just had Charleville’s Box of Chocolate, it was hard not to compare the two.  However, taken on its own, this really did taste just like the German chocolate cake my grandma makes.  There was an nice milk chocolate and cocoa flavor combined with a bit of vanilla and coconut spices.  This may not be an every day beer, but it is a great dessert beer.

My Rating: ★★★½☆

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