256. Magic Hat Brewing – #9 not quite Pale Ale

Magic Hat #9 not quite Pale AleI was at Friar Tuck looking for new beers and decided to get a mix-a-six.  I was surprised when I saw this beer, as I didn’t realize we got Magic Hat brews here in Illinois yet.  I had heard about this and finally had one about a year ago at Bridge in St. Louis.  The label says, “The ancient ritual of brewing a distinctly rich and flavorful beer is a performance to behold. Our mysterious mélange of time- honored ingredients harmonize with chaotic chemistry, humble patience, and blind faith to share in the rousing company of kindred spirits. Cheers!”

Numbers: 5.1% ABV, 11.2 Plato, 20 IBUs, 9.0 SRM

Appearance & Aroma: Very pale, light yellow in color and very clear with plenty of carbonation in it.  That caused a very creamy, bright white head.  There was a fruity, lager-like aroma.

Taste & Feel: It had a light body and crisp mouthfeel.  There was a carbonation bite up front, and slightly fruity bitterness in the middle.  It finished with a big fruity and bubblegum type flavor, which reminded me a little of Juicyfruit gum.

Food Pairing: The fruity and bubblegum like flavors would probably go best with a lighter food pairing.  I think it would go well with a dessert of fruit crepes.

Overall Impression: It had a very light, interesting flavor, and I can say I’ve never had another beer like it.  The Juicyfruit gum-like flavor made it very unique.  Despite the fruity sweetness, it was still light and very drinkable.  This would probably be a good cool spring day beer.

My Rating: ★★★☆☆

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