239. Uncle Buck’s Brewery & Steakhouse – English Pale Ale Draft

Uncle Buck's Brewery and Steakhouse English Pale Ale draftAfter experiencing their Captain’s Choice IPA and their Brown Ale, I’m not sure why we decided to have another beer here.  I guess it was just a long day of work and travel.  My coworker wisely decided to go for the Stone Ruination IPA they had on tap, rather than try another one of their beers.  However, I decided I could get that elsewhere, and while here, I might as well try another of their beers.  So, I decided to try something that would be fairly basic, and got the English Pale Ale.

When it arrived, it appeared to be served with nitro, as the head was very creamy and tan.  It appeared to be a somewhat hazy light brown color.  The aroma was not strong, but I picked up a slightly malty and fruity smell.

The body was light, and the creamy nitro head made it smooth and very drinkable.  The flavors weren’t strong, but there was a very light caramel up front, followed by a little bit bigger fruity taste.  The finish was dry with a bit of an earthy hop flavor.

This was light and drinkable enough that it would go with almost any type of pub fare – burgers, fish and chips, pizza, etc.  I think it would probably lend itself to the fish and chips best – not just because it’s a traditional English dish, but because the slight fruitiness would bring out the crisp and light flavors of the fish.  I don’t think this beer would stand up well to a steak or heartier meal.

After their IPA and Brown Ale, I was a bit relieved when I had this beer.  The nitro added a lot to make this creamy, smooth, and very drinkable.  It was in line with the way this style of beer is supposed to be, and went down easily.  While this one wasn’t bad, the others have me doubting this brewery.  If you have a different experience there, please let me know, otherwise I don’t think I’ll be back.

My Rating: ★★★☆☆

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Author: Kevin

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