235. Moylan’s – White Christmas Spiced Winter Lager Draft

Moylans White Christmas Spiced Winter Lager Draft BeerAfter a great Christmas party with the ABNormal brewers on Saturday night, we’re back at it again tonight at our monthly meeting at Fat Jack’s in downtown Bloomington.  They usually have some decent beers on tap, so it’s a chance to add another one to the list.  In the spirit of the season, and our meeting (seasonal beers), I decided to try the Moylan’s White Christmas lager.

It was light orange in the color and fairly hazy.  It had a thin, creamy white head, and the smell was slightly fruity, with a bit of an orange and pear-like aroma with some hints of maltiness.

The body was bigger than I was expecting, and was solidly medium.  The mouthfeel was smooth with only a tiny bit of carbonation.  The flavors were light, but complex, including orange, pears, and a slight floral flavor.  The flavors were a lot like a wheat beer with a little bit of extra spices.

This would go nicely with a Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner of turkey or ham, gravy and mashed potatoes.  The flavors are pretty bland, but the beer would bring a slight bit of spice to the meal.

Christmas and holiday beers have a tendency to be quite over-spiced.  I believe breweries often take a bad beer, spice it, and slap a holiday label on it.  I was really glad that the spices in this were very light.  It was very easy drinking, with a solid body for a lighter flavored beer.  Overall, it was a decent beer, but not necessarily one I’d say you should go out of your way to find and try.

My Rating: ★★½☆☆

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Author: Kevin

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