228. ABInBev – Michelob Amber Bock Draft

ABInBev Michelob Amber BockI’m back on the road for work, this time heading to Springfield/Branson, MO.  We were flying through Chicago O’Hare and missed our connecting flight.  We were rebooked on a flight 2 hours later, so we stopped at the O’Hare Bar & Grill for dinner.  As I looked at the menu, I wasn’t sure if there were any beers listed that I hadn’t had yet.  I didn’t think I’d had this yet, so it was a good opportunity to cross another macrobrewed beer off the list.

Before I was into beer as much as I am now, I remember enjoying the flavor of this beer.  My Grandpa worked at an Anheuser Busch location and used to bring this back from work… and this became his drinking preference.

When it arrived it was amazing how clear it was, with dark amber/burnt caramel color.  It had a very thin, white head on it.  There was a very, very light malty and bready aroma to it.

The body was extremely light and there was a slight bit of a cold carbonation bite when I first took a drink.  The mouthfeel became a little smoother as I continued to drink it.  It was hard to find much flavor up front, but the middle had a light breadiness to it that I really enjoyed.  That was followed by a dark caramel maltiness in the finish.  I couldn’t really pick up on much of a hop flavor at all.

It went very nicely with my burger, and the bready and caramel flavors of the beer truely complimented the mushrooms and caramelized onions on my burger.  With its light flavors, it could really go well with almost anything, but the caramel flavor in the finish would probably also go well with BBQ as well.

Although not as full or flavorful as I remember, it was fairly drinkable.  I enjoyed the bready flavor up front, but the sweet maltiness in the finish started to get to me.  Overall, not bad, and when it comes to a choice between this, Bud Light and Miller Light, I’ll go with this one almost every time.

My Rating: ★★½☆☆

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Author: Kevin

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