224. Southern Tier Brewing – Creme Brulee Imperial Milk Stout Draft

After a very stressful couple of weeks, it was nice to get out for a night and have some decent beers while having our ABNormal Brewers steering meeting.  When I got to Fat Jack’s I looked up at the list of new beers on tap, and realized it’s starting to get a little bit harder to find a beer that I have not yet had.  I had read a review of this on the Daily Beer Review and thought I’d give it a try, since I hadn’t had it yet.

Before I even picked it up off of the bar I could smell it… a bold creamy butterscotch-like aroma.  It was black with a thick, creamy, dark tan head, that really looked like a chocolaty cream on creme brulee.

The mouthfeel was smooth and the head added a definite creaminess to it.  It had a full body and did not seem to have much carbonation within it.  The flavor was fairly malty-chocolaty at first, giving way to a thick chocolatey-butterscotch flavor.  The finish had a bit of an alcohol flavor and heat to it.

If I did pair this with a food, it would probably go best with a chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream.  The creaminess of the beer would complement the chocolate and ice cream, and the butterscotch flavors would also match very nicely.

I was impressed with the intensity of the butterscotch aroma and flavor from this beer.  It was definitely a dessert beer, and the flavor and creaminess was enjoyable at first.  However, due to the richness, I’m not sure I could drink more than this 6 oz glass – and the only other way I’ve seen it is in 22 oz bottles.  Overall, it was a rich beer which might be nice to share as a unique dessert at a dinner party.

My Rating: ★★★☆☆

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Author: Kevin

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