138. Rogue Ales – 21 Olde Ale Draft

The Friday session of the Oregon Brewers Festival was drawing to a close, and it was time for one more beer before they stopped serving for the night.  When I stopped by the Rogue hospitality suite earlier in the evening, they guys there told me that their “21” was brewed special for the Oregon Brewers Festival, and named because it was 21st different beer they had brewed for the festival.  The olde ale included “revolution hops” grown at Rogue Farms.

It had a very dark brown color, and was nearly black, with a thin, tan, creamy head on it.  There was a slightly sweet malty aroma to it.

When I took a drink, it had a light-medium body with a smooth mouthfeel.  There was a sweet, roasty malt flavor, that had a bit of a molasses type taste to it.  That flavor intensified throughout the finish and well into the aftertaste.  I didn’t really notice any hop flavor, and after taking several drinks of it, the sweet flavor got too be a little too syrupy sweet.

As far as a food pairing goes, I’m thinking it would go great with a lighter BBQ sauce, and in particular, baked BBQ beans with bacon.

Overall, I thought it was a fairly complex beer with plenty of residual sweetness.  I’m curious what this beer might taste like if it were given the opportunity to age for a longer period of time.

My Rating: ★★★☆☆

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Author: Kevin

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