56. Founders Brewing – Dry Hopped Pale Ale

Founders Brewing Dry Hopped Pale AleWe finished car shopping for the day, and I decided to grab another hoppy beer before heading to dinner.  I wanted something that had a good hop flavor, but not necessarily a higher alcohol IPA.  I grabbed the Founders Dry Hopped Pale Ale out of the fridge.   The label says that it has 35 IBUs and is 5.4% ABV.

When I poured the beer, ,it had a pretty large soapy head, which fell slowly, but left some nice lacing on the glass (as you can see).  The aroma was surprisingly soapy, with a light grassy hop smell.  I think I was expecting a little heavier hop nose (since it is called a “Dry Hopped” Pale Ale).  It was also cloudy orange/light amber color.

The mouthfeel was fairly light and crisp, yet creamy at the same time.  The taste was pretty light, and it had a little bit of a floral hoppiness.  The finish was almost lemony with a light floralness.  I thought it was light and crisp, but it was a different hop flavor than I was used to in a pale ale.

I think the light floral flavor would probably go with grilled chicken or a chicken salad.   Overall, it was an OK beer.  I think I was expecting something a little more hoppy with a more citrusy hop flavor.  While not my favorite Founders Brewing beer, they certainly do make some good ones, and I still have several left in the beer fridge.

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Author: Kevin

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