22. Grupa Zywiec – Zywiec Original

Zywiec Polish Prized Original BeerSince I was in Chicago, and there was a place across the street from the hotel that sold some local fare, I thought I’d stop and pick up a nightcap of something I couldn’t find in Central Illinois.  Unfortunately, the selection wasn’t great, but the clientele must be Polish, because they had 4-5 different types of Polish beers.  I just decided to pick one and went for Zywiec.

The bottle doesn’t indicate what style of beer it is, it simply says it’s a “Polish Prized Original Beer. Premium Quality Beer.  Natural Ingredients.  Pure Mountain Water.  Traditional Recipe.”  That’s a lot of marketing talk with no indication of a beer style.  The bottle also indicates that it’s 5.6% ABV.

When I poured it into the glass, it had an extremely thin head.  It was very, very pale yellow and super clear.  It had sort of a skunky kind of aroma, sort of like a Heineken, along with a bit of fermented corn sugar smell.

It was crisp and a bit sharp on the tongue, and had a bit of the Heineken type skunky bitterness.  However, the aftertaste was a bit bready or yeasty, like a pilsner.  If I had to guess it is a lager or pilsner style beer.

I’m sure it would go well with almost any food, and would probably go down like water on a hot day.  It was interesting to try something different, but it’s not one that I’d likely buy again.

My Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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