18. Faultline Brewing Co. – Best Bitter Draft

Faultline Brewing Company Best BitterAs I mentioned in my last review, it was a long, long day, so I ordered the next beer in anticipation of enjoying it with my meal.  I ordered Faultline Brewing Company’s Best Bitter, which the menu says, is “an English style amber ale with sweet caramel malt flavors that yield to bitter hop flavors from a good dose of English hops. The Nitrogen/Carbon Dioxide blend gives this beer a creamy head and smooth drinkability.”

I was looking forward to this, as I like beers that have been pushed with Nitrogen.  I think it adds a smooth creamyness to the beer, and an English style amber ale sounded like it would be good with the nitro head.  As you can see, it had a very good nitro head on it.  It smelled a bit malty.  The color was amber and it was super clear.

The taste was pretty good and the nitrogen head definitely added a smooth creaminess to the beer.  It had a slight bit of light caramelly flavor and a slight English style hop bitterness to it.

Overall it was not too bad of a beer.  Again, I felt like it was a little light for the style, and I think I expected a little more flavor to it.  It went well with my meal, and would probably go well with just about any food, as it wasn’t as full of flavor as I had hoped.  I did enjoy it the most of all the beers I had at Faultline this evening (and ironically, it was the only one that didn’t list that it had won an award.

My Rating: ★★½☆☆

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